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Nancy Tilitz
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Nancy Tilitz is a very experienced portrait artist who works in a variety of mediums to fit the subject and the ocassion. A choice of oil, acrylic, pencil, watercolor, pastel and charcoal are all available to the client in pursuit of THE defining personal work of art.

Individual or group portraits can be comissioned at attractive prices and couples portraits are a speciality. Paintings in oil are done in several sittings or can be take from photographs but other mediums require only one sitting (or photo). For further information and prices contact Nancy directly through this website.

Nancy periodically draws at official court proceedings for the Nord Deutscher Rundfunk and for other news institutions in Hamburg.

Well known subjects have included Sonny Rollins, Tom Cruise, John Cleese, Robin Williams, Wynton Marsalis, Jim Carey, Jeff Goldblum and Dr. Stavrou, the Chief Neuropathologist at University Eppendorfer Krankenhaus Hamburg.

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