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Nancy Tilitz
About Nancy
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About Nancy Tilitz

Nancy (Lee Rades Swan) Tilitz is an artist from the Chicago area with experience living and working in many localities and cultures. Nancy Lee Rades was born in Waukegan, Illinois, and spent her childhood 100 km north of Chicago in Fox Lake, a tiny town on the Illinois side of the border with Wisconsin. Initially concentrating on a career in medical art at the University of Illinois, Nancy obtained a masters degree. This realistic drawing background was the basis of her love of the figure. Nancy went on to study figure painting at the Art Institute Of Chicago.

Her aesthetic understanding of movement developed from the scientific studies combined with dedicated studies of different forms of dance and performance, which are references in her work. The positioning of the model was developed by using her own body. Her paintings are a combination of what both she and the model can do.

Ms. Tilitz has traveled extensively and resided in New York City, the West Indies and Europe. She has resided in Hamburg since 1986.

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