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Nancy Tilitz
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Jazz @ The Gallery Workshop

Jazz Evening in the exhibition

Every Friday is Jazz at the Gallery! Swinging Jazz at its finest in a comfortable setting with refreshing beverages. ((((A great way to view the work!))) no, the musicans are not background music for viewing.

You are welcome - entrance is free. 21:00 - 24:00 Fridays


Next Jazz Evening: As of Friday, March 20, 2020 all concerts are cancelled until further notice


Entrance is free, but donations are appreciated.

For the moment, with the virus emergency, all Friday concerts have been postponed to a later, safer date.

Best wishes to you to stay healthy!!

JAZZ IN THE GALLERY is located in the Nancy Tilitz Gallery, on the taxi line side of the Dammtor Train Station, between Effenberger Bakery and McDonald's. Entrance is free, but donations are appreciated.


Jazz in the Gallery Workshop
Dammtor Bahnhof Hamburg
Aussen neben der Effenberger Bäckerei
EINTRITT FREI Spendenbasis


Exerpt from article that appeared in Currents by Frauke Rademacher-Heinemann

"I get to go shopping to.. The top Gallery Nancy Tilitz at the Dammtor train station. Why? The atmosphere is so different from other galleries. It is casual, easy to look around, very special in style, without the common landscape or people paintings, -just jazzy. And when I do not see what I (or my friends) could fit in to the 'home scene' the owner Nancy charmingly offers to draw a picture of me, or of a photograph of my friends. What a perfect gift. And to top it all, on certain nights - like on Fridays - the gallery actually turns into a jam session with Gerry Tilitz and his jazz musicians playing the best cool or modern jazz this side of New York. It is an experience!"


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